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Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property

Loan against property is a type of loan that let you fulfill your dreams by keeping your property as back up for a taking loan. In this loan, your property plays an important role as it can be helpful or a complete disaster. The loan can be taken on the basic type of property you have, like its residential, building, plot or something else. There are various things that you wish to do, requirements that needed to fulfill and dreams that need to turn into reality, for everything Loan against property is the best option. But before that, there is little documentation required.

What are the plus points of LAP?

Here are the listed points that make the loan against property a great option for you:

Amount of loan

The bank provides a great range when it comes to the loan amount; it starts from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs. 5 or more than that in crores. However, you can manage the amount according to the requirements you have. You can take this loan for different purpose like marriage, buying new expenditure, health care or any other thing.


The bank provides a good time to repay your tenure without pressuring you or making burden.

Simple as well easy process of repaying

The process of taking the loan and repaying, both are simple and easy. Follow the instructions and submit the asked documents.

Interest rates

The interest on loan against payment comes with two type’s i.e. Floating and fixed interest rates, the rates on loan are not only attractive but favorable for you to pay.

Which type of properties is considered for LAP?

What are the points that make you eligible for the LAP?

The loan against property has some criteria that make you eligible for the loan, here are the points that you should know:

Professional and income

Before you apply, it should be important that you are an employer or self-employed or professional. If you are NRI, then you should have a property in your own name or on your family or spouse name. The net income should be more than Rs 25000 to 3 lakhs. Also, the income should be on regular basis with no record of bad credits


More than 25 and less than 70 years are fixed for those who want to take alone against the property. Also, the repayment should be done before the person crosses the age of 70s.


Before you apply for the loan, make sure you have all documents collected with you. The basic documents that are required – address, DOB, signature proof, Apart from this copy of your property are needed with last 6-month bank statement.

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