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Home Loan

Home Loan

For purchasing or constructing a new building or residential, home building is one of the easiest and safest options that help a buyer to make their dream true. The loan can also take for repairing and renovating the property, or even for extending it. The buyer can get this loan from the bank but if due to any reason a buyer fails to pay the loan bank, then the bank will cover up its losses by selling the property of the buyer

Getting this loan is not a hard process, just the keep few basic required documents ready and the future process is easy. The loan is only eligible if the lender is above than 18 age, also bank consider the point that how lender is going to return the loan back, a paper from this there are lots of points that are considered and after verifying it, bank allows the loan to the lender with a fixed EMI which he or she has to submit in bank in a fixed duration of time.

Types of home loans

Home loans are mainly used for buying the house or any property, but there are different types of home loans are available to meet different requirement of buyers.

Home purchased loan
Same as the home loan, this loan is for buying new property or home.

Home construction loan
The lenders can get the loan for doing construction work for home, but this home loan is only authorized if the lender has proof to show like incomplete existing home on land.

Home improvement loan
If a person wants to renovate the property or house, this home loan is extremely helpful for that. Home improvement loan is mostly for renovation or doing repairing house work.

Bridge loan
If a person wants to sell their existing house to buy a new one, then he or she can take this loan for financing themselves until they get a buyer for their previous house.

What should a lender do if he or she is considering home loans?

Home loans can be a very helpful thing that can make the process of buying new house hassle free. However, considering few points can make the whole process much simpler and also avoid future risks

How much can a lender afford to pay?
Before taking such loans, a lender should do the homework. First thing first, know about the overall income and how much expenses that the lender have to pay and after that, do he or she can afford to pay loan’s EMI on time?

Make sure to have complete documents
For home loans, there are few documents that are needed for application form with a passport size photo, identical proof, salary slip, bank statements ( last 6 months), and a fee cheque that is in the process.

Understanding the process of home loan :
For a lender, it’s important to understand the process and the terms of the home loan like understanding the concept of fixed interest rate and floating interest rate.

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EMI Calculator

Outstanding Principle, Interest Rate (%), Tenure (in Months), EMI Monthly Breakup Chart