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Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer

Lots of people don’t understand that the interest rate increased by the bank does not depend on EMIs; it increases because of changes in floating rates. It can be saved by taking few points in consideration, also balance transfer can help you to save from paying huge interested rate on your home loans, and however for that you need to switch your account to another one and the company will help you to make that process easier than ever! For that, understanding what balance transfer is and how it works is important.

Balance transfer is a kind of product offered for loans that are taken for home and personal use, it’s a choice that is given to the client so they can switch their account and transfer their money that is shown in outstanding due, and save to pay EMIs so they can use that money on somewhere better place. Also, it’s a better option if you are paying high EMIs on your current bank account, by transferring it can be saved and, reduces lots of stress from your shoulder.

Get a top up loan on your home as well as personal loan

After a time period, you can apply for a top up of your loan amount that you decide to transfer to another account. It’s a best for getting one loan instead of two big loans together which increases the interest rate payment and also creates lots of hassles. By taking to up, you can money on the basis of your first loan, and use for fulfilling your needs. It can be used for these multiples use:

How you can apply for balance transfer?

Home and personal, both loans have similar paper work and the same process. Applying for the balance transfer required lots of things, for that consider all these points as well as the paperwork that you should do first so you can enjoy your balance transfer and low paying EMIs

There are few rules that are made for taking the service, however, for that the back requires almost 18 months repayments and other records to check your credibility. Also, it’s very important to follow the document process as transferring your account to another one is not an easy task. For taking the transfer balances service, you should be eligible as per the given points

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EMI Calculator

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